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Why Humble Leaders Inspire Loyal Teams

Do all leaders have big egos? Not all but I would say most do. And I’m going to break with the theme of the day and say that is not necessarry all bad all the time. The Ego is what drives us to improve ourselves. It is the part of our personality that pushes us to achieve more and overcome obstacles on a difficult path.

The problem comes when we don’t stop it there and we let our egos take over. Just like any other powerful emotion (anger, joy, dissappointment, etc.) it must be controlled. The antidote to an overdevloped ego is humility and trust me, people will appreciate your humility far more than your ego.¬†Tasha Eurich has written a great article for Entrepreneur titled “Why Humble Leaders Inspire Loyal Teams.” Take a look. It’s worth the read.

People who admit their mistakes can take more risks than egomaniacs who need to be perfect.

Source: Why Humble Leaders Inspire Loyal Teams

Scott Wilson is currently a Customer Experience Principal at a Fortune 50 company. He is also a marketing and business strategy consultant for small businesses and writes about Leadership, Communication, and Marketing on his blog at scottkwilson.com.

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