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7 Bad Habits You Should Drop Right Now

bad habitWe talk a lot about habits and the need to establish good ones. Unfortunately, a habit is a habit, both good and bad. John Meyer from Lemonly wrote a good post about 7 bad habits that are likely holding you back. Here’s his list.


  1. Touching emails more than once
  2. Meeting just to meet (a personal pet peeve of mine)
  3. Meeting without an agenda
  4. Repeating Mistakes
  5. Using a phone as an alarm (Not sure I can go along with this one)
  6. Allowing app notifications
  7. Being a chameleon

bad habits

Point 6 is particularly salient to me. I turned off notifications last year and I’ll never go back. We’re conditioned enough to constantly check our devices so we don’t need a bell to ring to a number to display to kick our Pavlov responses into high gear. If you’re doing any of these things with regularity, you might want to consider a change.

See the full article on Entrepreneur.com.

Scott Wilson is currently a Customer Experience Principal at a Fortune 50 company. He is also a marketing and business strategy consultant for small businesses and writes about Leadership, Communication, and Marketing on his blog at scottkwilson.com.

2 Responses on “7 Bad Habits You Should Drop Right Now

  1. I used to mind all of these but in today’s world we’re not going to get away with disallowing #5 & #6. Truthfully, I’ve always had sound alarms with me because it’s the only way I knew how to keep track of my time but they were always embedded in my watch. Once I gave up a watch, the phone took over.

    Otherwise, I’m with you on all of these, with #2 being the worst thing in the world; ugh!

  2. Scott Wilson says:

    Great points Mitch. I definitely agree with you on #5. I find the phone an excellent alarm. But I have turned off the audible alarms unless they are extremely important.

    Thanks for you comment!

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